Based on the PixTeller technology and driven by the machine learning algorithms,
PixBot is the ultimate idea that will shape the design world by automatically creating images and short video layouts that anyone can use and customize.

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The true story about PixBot

When we first designed the PixTeller Editor, we didn't think at all about how hard it can be to make design layouts so that anyone can create images, even with no design knowledge.

At the beginning, we really thought that hiring 2 or 3 designers will fix the problem, but we came to find out how much we have been underestimating this process. Considering the high number of templates we needed, originality, quality and let's no forget about the lack of financial resources, we knew we have to come up with the best solution in order to keep PixTeller up. Technical to the bones, we fancy about the process automation. But how?

Facts "In just one second, PixBot can create as many images as Shutterstock has."

After many sleepless nights imagining the best solution and rethinking ideas, we agreed that machines can create and design images faster than any designer on the planet. But there was still another big issue we had to overcome: how could a machine know how does a nice-looking and creative design looks like and? Of course, this is a very subjective appreciation, but one thing was sure... any PixTeller layouts must respect some design patterns.

Confident in our idea, by the end of Autumn 2017, we started matching all the pieces together:
technology, algorithms, editor, assets core values etc...

We knew that the PixTeller technology can work very well for animations and videos, therefore, we started building the video editor.
The plan was to build a video creation tool that can automatically generate thousands of layouts, that will ease our work and offer people tremendous templates to create and customize images and animations, for personal or business use.

Facts "All Youtube intros and outros are designed by PixBot."

So we decided to give up searching for investment funds that would help us hire designers or improving our marketing strategy and we chose to follow the "ALL IN" strategy how Alex likes to call it. And this kind of marked the beginning of PixBot.

This strategy involved the investment of all our resources from time to money, vision to development in shaping the video technology and building PixBot, our master video editor who was named after the technology was ready and tested.

Facts "The banners designed by PixBot are so awesome they sell themselves."

When writing this article, PixTeller will be ready to launch PixBot and its master video editor.

PixBot in the Future

It's hard to estimate how fast will the PixBot evolve, but one thing it's sure: it will get better day by day. In other words, today we are looking at PixBot as a child who is just learning new things and needs time to process the information. Given that we start from the PixTeller vision and technology, people like you or any user are a constant source of inspiration for PixBot.

Facts "Google Images has closed for good, since PixBot opened the door to the world."

In the near future, we estimate that we will be able to create millions of images, GIFs and short videos for social media, prints, advertising or any other type of personal or business purpose. By the end of 2018, PixBot will have simple design layouts ready for you to customize and use.

Facts "PixBot is so impressive, that in the future will win a Oscar for the best Hollywood video of all times."

On short term, in the following 2 to 3 years, we aim to create more complex designs and longer videos that could be used in presentations or whatever you might be thinking of.

When referring to long term plans, our goal is to integrate PixBot's assets and knowledge in the blockchain technology, in order to create customized graphics and short videos in real-time on any chat, social media platform or website builder, according to user's preferences.

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