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Create your own custom desktop wallpapers or backgrounds with PixTeller's free online wallpaper maker. Design personalized wallpapers in minutes.

In just a few clicks, you can make your own marvelous wallpaper choosing from over one hundred premade wallpaper templates, or by designing on your own from scratch. You don't need technical or design skills to get started, just your imagination.

Make Your Own Wallpaper

Easy to Use, Free Wallpaper Maker Tool that You Can Use Online

Create personalized wallpapers that are breathtaking with PixTeller wallpaper editor. Our intuitive graphics tool helps you design a marvelous background for your desktop, phone or blog in just a few clicks. It is that easy!

Top Free Editable Wallpaper Templates Easy to Use and Customize

Forget about a dull and boring photo that you have to see every day. With the help of our huge picture database, you can create a wallpaper that you can change whenever you feel like. Start from one of the many templates we have, and simply change the background image, maybe add a quote, then save.

You can also create something gorgeous from scratch and upload whichever personal photo you want. Then save it and you'll have a unique background ready to be downloaded and set as wallpaper on any device, website or blog.

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How To Make Your Own Wallpaper In 3 Steps

  1. Pick a Beautiful Wallpaper Layout

    Discover hundreds of different professional wallpaper templates made by expert designers. Browse and select the wallpaper that fits your mood and press the Use button in order to personalize it.

  2. Change Colors, Words, Photos, and Add Custom Filters

    Personalize your wallpaper by replacing the pictures, illustrations, shapes and even by adding your own fonts, so you will have a wallpaper that inspires you.

    You can also update the background, text colors or adjust the filters to give a personal touch to your wallpaper design.

  3. Save to Download and Set as Background

    Save in order to Download your personalized wallpaper in PNG or JPG format. Once you create the wallpaper, you will see it every day, therefore make sure you will add it on your desktop or mobile screen.

  4. Note: With PixTeller's wallpaper maker editor, you can also create your own wallpaper for your desktop or mobile from scratch. How? By simply opening the editor and combining colors, photos, words, in an enjoyable, fast and easy way.

Wallpaper Maker Features

  • Photos & Illustrations

    1,500,000+ Photos & Illustrations

    Choose from a great variety of beautiful, free pictures and illustrations, and add them on your wallpaper. You can also upload your own photos.

  • Gradient Colors

    Gradient Colors

    Select between solid, linear or radial gradients, and get an outstanding look for your wallpaper! You can even make transparent backgrounds.

  • Image Clipping Crop

    Image Clipping Crop

    Resize your photos at any size without ruining the aspect ratio. Change the picture's clipping position by selecting one of nine predefined points.

  • Photo Effects

    Photo Effects

    Preset photo effects to beautify your wallpaper's pictures - Vintage, Old Boot, Nostalgia are just some examples.

    Also, you can always adjust the brightness, hue, saturation or lightness values of your photos.

  • Download as PNG, JPG, PDF

    Download as PNG, JPG

    Download your wallpaper in the best quality available as PNG, or have a smaller sized JPG version.

    Also you can quickly set a new size for your wallpaper on download by keeping the aspect ratio. No need to create a separate file just for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which size should I use for my desktop wallpaper?

    The most used size for desktop wallpapers is 1920×1080 pixels. If you have a 4K screen, then you need a 3840×2160 pixels wallpaper picture size.

    If you need a custom wallpaper image for your smartphone, we suggest setting the dimensions to 1080×1920 pixels.

    Using PixTeller's wallpaper maker editor you can manually insert custom width and height values, so you can make your own background pictures in any size.

  • What are downloadable formats for my wallpaper?

    For the best quality, you can download your wallpaper as PNG. If storage space is an issue, you can download your wallpaper as JPG and not notice the quality loss.

  • Can I make my own wallpaper for my phone?

    Yes, you can. Depending on your mobile's screen resolution, you will need to manually input the correct size of the picture in the wallpaper maker editor. The most common size for the mobile wallpapers is 1080×1920 pixels.

  • Can I edit my wallpaper after download?

    You can edit your wallpaper whenever you want. Just click the Edit button in order to open the wallpaper editor, make the changes in the design and save. If you want to keep the original version of your background photo, simply click Use.

  • Can I use my own photos for my wallpaper?

    You can upload any elements on PixTeller. Our wallpaper maker editor lets you fully customize your desktop background by giving you the option to upload your own photos, illustrations and fonts.

    This way, you will have a great wallpaper image that will fit perfectly in your desktop or mobile background.

  • Do I have the full usage right for my wallpaper?

    All background pictures created with PixTeller's wallpaper maker can be used for commercial purposes, without legal issues, as long as the photos, graphics and other elements included are from our database.

    All our images, fonts and shapes resources have a CC0 license, so they are safe to use by anyone.

    If you upload your own materials like photos, illustrations, icons, fonts and others, you are personally responsible for your graphics and where you share them.

  • Can I make a GIF wallpaper with PixTeller?

    Yes, you can create animated backgrounds and download them as GIF using the wallpaper maker. They will look marvelous on your phone.

    Once you've created the wallpaper design, all you have to do is switch the wallpaper maker editor to animate mode, and then customize the graphic elements frame by frame to create video motions. In the end, save and render and voila!!

4.8 out of 5 stars

Wallpaper Maker

  • Flo P.
    Flo Developer
    You can download wallpapers anywhere, but you can not edit them or create one the way you like it. But PixTeller helped me with that. I really like how easy it was to play with filters. Wallpaper maker
  • Tamara V.
    Tamara Teacher
    I love how easy it is to use Pixteller. I use it to create daily wallpapers for my school. They have great options, and it is easy to customize my designs, so my kids see something new every day. Wallpaper maker
  • Vlad C.
    Vlad Support Analyst
    I was looking for a software to edit some images and create a wallpaper. PixTeller not only made me select new images, but also transformed them. The wallpapers are just gorgeous now. Wallpaper maker

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